Move Into Rest LLC


About Us

To encourage, inspire, help...

I'm a therapist, movement/dance enthusiast, and an avid learner, who's constantly finding ways to help others heal from suffering.  

Listening to others share their stories has always intrigued me.  This is partly why I became a therapist.  Everyone has a story within them, but oftentimes, words are not enough, especially when processing negative experiences such as trauma.  Trauma and chronic stress can get trapped in the body.  In other words, there's a story/narrative inside.  Movement of the body can help with releasing the effects of these experiences, along with reconnecting and refreshing the mind, body, and spirit.

Go beyond the therapist's office...

Because therapy is not accessible to everyone -- and because I've personally experienced the power of movement -- the idea for Move Into Rest was sparked.  Whether you have an untold story within you or you feel stuck in your life, my hope is that I can help.  

I offer individual and group somatic classes, workshops, and mini retreats (1+ days) to help with the following:

​Skills to regulate the nervous system

Body awareness


Expression/release of stored/pent up emotions

Improving creativity and confidence


Personal growth

...and more!


These services are not a replacement for therapy, medical, professional advice, diagnosis, or medical intervention.   


Hello!  I'm Andrea.  

I'm not much into titles, but it's important for you to know a little about me:

Founder, Instructor, LCSW Therapist, Trauma Specialist, Encourager...and lover of dance, movement, and somatic work!