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Check back for upcoming workshops...or send a request.

I'd love to hear your interests in topics or classes.  Send me an email.

    Examples of Topics:

  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome      

  • Healing the Parts Within Us

  • Growing In Hope:  Life Beyond Trauma     

  • Stuck and In-Between 

  • Father Wounds:  Healing the Inner Child

Rest. Reset. Retreat.

Looking to get away to reset?  Join us at a Personal Growth & Wellness Retreat to create space to rest and work on personal goals.  Wish that you could get away for a week but can't?  These retreats are designed with this in mind -- mini retreats:  1 to 3-day retreats for small groups.  

Retreat includes:

Flow of yoga & movement 

Workshop sessions 


Individual time 

Prayer/Meditation Room (individual use) 

Add-on service (optional):  Massage (additional cost - must be requested at registration)

Follow-up group meeting online

*All retreat features are facilitated by Andrea with the exception of add-on services.

EMDR Retreats

EMDR Retreat Package (6.5 hours) are available as well.  The package includes an EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) Intensive with the added perks of a retreat:  private EMDR intensive session at a quiet location, a meal, movement/yoga session, massage services (optional), and personal time throughout the day for relaxing and self-reflection.  Initial assessment before the retreat and a follow-up session will be held separately (office or virtually) and are included in the total hours of the package.  

*Due to the extensive nature of planning involved in 1-day retreats and EMDR retreat packages, refunds cannot be provided.

If you'd like to know about the next scheduled retreat, schedule an EMDR Retreat, or if you have questions, send me a message.  I provide a free 15-minute consult to answer your questions and learn about your goals and interests.  There's no commitment to schedule.  : )

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